Andreas Gebhard

was born in Berlin with a penchant for creative thinking. A New Yorker by choice, he appreciates the diversity and speed of big cities along with fine heavy metal music and other forms of well-orchestrated chaos, believing there are always hidden gems to be found in raucous places.

With a background in documentary photography and photojournalism, Andreas leverages his genuine curiosity into a passionate exploration of the human condition through immersive project-based work that emphasizes agile methodologies and a “fail-forward” approach that is well known to innovators across the world.

Andreas is a collaborative, multidisciplinary leader specializing in transformational consulting from a holistic, big-picture perspective. Dividing his time between New York City and Berlin allows Andreas to parlay his globally influenced identity into a richly varied CV that includes work with The Washington Post and Getty Images, among others, in a variety of positions ranging from Head of Sales, to Director of Editorial Products & Innovation, in addition to pure advisory work for other clients.

Photograph by  Hardy Klahold

Photograph by Hardy Klahold



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