The new toy.

My new The New iPad iPad 3 is on its way.

The usual suspects have already written very eloquently about which kind to get and what it looks and feels like, but let me add my own thoughts to the conversation.

I skipped the iPad 2 because I buy these things with my own money and did not use my original iPad quite as much as my iPhone or my MacBook Air — so I decided to save a few $$$ for once.

But now is the time to upgrade. If you remember the difference between the screens of the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, you’ll understand that when Phil Schiller announced the (or rather: confirmed the long-rumored) Retina display on the new iPad, my decision was made.

I pre-ordered my original iPad back in 2010 for delivery on the first day of availability but because this was a very new class of devices I wanted to be prudent and went with the most basic configuration: 16GB Wi-Fi. I can safely say that this taught me one thing over the last two years: get as much memory as Apple offers (or you can afford). Having to decide how to scale down your music and video library and which apps to install (or not to delete) for each trip sucks. Especially if you travel a lot.

Consequently, my iPad 3 is the maxed-out version and I went with built-in LTE this time, too. I haven’t taken my original iPad with me on a number of occasions because I knew Wi-Fi wouldn’t be available (and tethering via iPhone is still a pain). This time, I want to try out how this additional freedom will change my behavior (or not).

Seeing how the newly optimized apps for the Retina display weigh in in terms of size (after all, doubling the resolution means 4x as many pixels), I still think Apple should have offered a 128GB option. I seriously expect that to be the limiting factor for my new toy, despite the fact that I got the largest one available.

So which apps am I going to put on it when it arrives?

My must-haves: Tweetbot, iA Writer, Things, Instapaper, the NY Times and of course The Guardian’s Eyewitness.

Additional no-brainers: Agenda, 1Password, iBooks, Soulver, Netflix, Prompt, Snapseed and, to keep up with news from home, tagesschau and the F.A.S.

Anything important I missed?    

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